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Developing Relationships

Participation in Adopt-a-Kollel puts you at the forefront of taking real, positive action to assist our brothers in Eretz Yisroel. The warm response and dedicated efforts of communities across the globe have made a true difference in bringing relief to Bnei Torah and their families. The heartfelt response and enthusiastic participation in Adopt–a-Kollel have done more than just provide monetary assistance. Each partnership is further enhanced by the personal connections developed between the Kehillas and their respective Kollelim. The connection develops into a two way relationship - avreichim in the Kollel send letters and Divrei Torah to their supporters; oftentimes, the Rosh Kollel visits the supporting Kehilla, providing an uplifting experience for the kehillah. At the same time, many kehilla members visit their Kollelim in Eretz Yisroel and are inspired by the commitment and mesiras nefesh of those who are toiling in Limud Hatorah. The Adopt-a-Kollel partnerships have come to think of each other as family, as they invite one another to simchas and share special request for tefillos.

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Where We Are

Thank you to those communities who have joined the Adopt–a-Kollel initiative:

Meet Our Partnerships