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Menuchas Hanefesh

Menuchas HaNefesh
of Adopt-a-Kollel

Your kehilla has adopted a Kollel; now you can
individually adopt a Talmid Chacham in Eretz Yisroel...
The smart way to create a personal partnership!

Adopt-a-Kollel explores and accepts Talmidei Chachamim as potential partners for an individual partnership. They are of all ages, from all communities and from all walks of life. By partnering with a yungerman whose profile is meaningful to you, you can provide him and his family with Menuchas HaNefesh.

The Process

Upon recommendation from a Rosh Kollel, along with additional research and inquiries, Adopt-a-Kollel meets personally with the avreich to review his personal situation, including living expenses and income. Based on this, we develop an accurate monthly amount that will allow him to learn with Menuchas HaNefesh.

Case Studies:

From the over 120 yungeleit who have been approved for the Menuchas HaNefesh Program, we bring you three examples.

A Talmid Chacham with 8 children and 7,400 NIS monthly income initially declined to join the program. He thought he is ineligible, as his family has complete Menuchas HaNefesh. Upon further discussion, we learned that his son in Yeshiva has only one suit, and each Shabbos the family decides between fish and chicken, as they cannot afford both. We assured him that by joining this program, they will see enhanced Menuchas HaNefesh, and indeed, so it was! He is emotionally grateful to his partner for giving him and his family this opportunity.

A family in Bnei Brak with 5 children has a monthly income of 8,500 NIS. In 9 years of marriage, he has not bought himself a new hat or new suit and his wife has not bought new clothing. Three of the children sleep on mattresses as they cannot afford beds. While he was always happy, he is ecstatic since joining this program as he and his family can now live with Menuchas HaNefesh.

Highly recommended by his Rosh Kollel, this Talmid Chacham from Bnei Brak live with 3 children in a 47 square meter (~500 sf) apartment. Since his partnership within this program, he has moved to a larger apartment and live with Menuchas HaNefesh.

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